Andy Oliver

I take pictures, write stuff, and make projects sometimes.

I take pictures

You can follow me on Instagram and Flickr to see more of them. I've been especially interested in coastal Florida lately. For example...

I write stuff

I keep a blog at Listed. As if anyone cares, I have musings on NFTs (everyone needs to have an NFT hot-take), an idea about porn and Australian jewel beetles (who doesn't have ideas about those two subjects, tbh), some comments on office meetings, and whatever else tickles my fancy. Basically, my goal here is to make it such a mish-mosh that no one person can stay interested for long.

I make projects

Occasionally I find the time and energy to execute on some of my ideas. But, apparently, I have found neither the time nor energy to build a proper portfolio for these things, so this page is still a work in progress...


Using an LSTM neural network to generate hobo names like Crickets Man and Bum-Spitche Moron in response to the John Hodgman e-hobo meme from the mid-2000s. I aimed to, with maximal irony and minimal quality, manifest all the overwrought tech industry buzzwords of the time. You can see the GitHub Pages site here (and from there, the poorly-documented repository).

Smart Ass Cards

A line of greeting cards that say what you mean instead of hiding it behind awkward platitudes. We -- yep, this idea is not just Andy Oliver -- originally had them printed on-demand, but it wasn't really that quick so we closed the store until we get them printed for real.

Analog Picture Frame

Using an old analog TV as a digital picture frame. More...

Color Compass

Providing humans with a visual sense of magnetoception.